State of California Community Colleges’ Concurrent Enrollment Application Process

How a Growing Number of California Community Colleges Simplify Submitting  and Processing Concurrent Enrollment Applications

COVID-19 exposed the California Community Colleges to undue pressure resulting in reduction of student enrollment, but, coupled with emergency funding from the state, it also provided an opportunity for visionary College CIOs, IT Departments and Administration Staff to update their enrollment systems.  

Many now provide a convenient way for high school students to register, and also make it easier for their administration staff to process applications.  Additional benefits include increasing the total number of students registered while reducing administrative costs of application processing. 

This study details not only the number of colleges that have automated their Concurrent Enrollment registration process, but also the level of automation they employ, the software solutions or platforms they use, as well as the benefits and disadvantages of manual, partial or full automation.  We found clear leaders among the various software solutions used that have proven easiest to deploy, while delivering the highest benefit for the costs.  They are listed in our report based on their efficacy and market adoption rates.

Given the newly approved 2021-2022 fiscal year state budget and associated one-time increases in college budgets for system upgrades, there’s an opportunity for forward-thinking college administrators to update their manual PDF and paper-based processes to fully automated Concurrent Enrollment registration process and reap the benefits.

Our 13-page report is available via the form below.

About the Author

Arash Sayadi is the Founder and Managing Director of ValTeo, LLC. He has extensive experience with developing company digital strategy, program and project management, as well as process automation solution for clients in Nonprofit Political Reform, Financial Services, Banking, Legal and Real Estate industries, among others. You can read more about him here.

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