Planning, Integration & Managed Services

  • Rapid Assessment
    Rapid Assessment (RA)

    You know you have to change something to close deals faster. Where do you begin? How do you know what process is the highest priority? First figure out what are your key metrics.

    Find High-Value Scenarios Fast

  • Program Acceleration Roadmapping
    Program Acceleration Roadmapping (PAR)

    How do you develop a plan to transform your business contracts and eSigning? Ask the right questions. Build a plan that includes training and support. No more throwing good money after yet another technology.

    3 Simple Steps to Roadmapping

  • Solution Implementation
    Solution Implementation (SI)

    You don’t want to waste time and money on yet another software project. Who does? It's hard to find people who have the expertise to develop a complete contracts and eSigning solution who aren’t just motivated by making a sale.

    4 Steps to Contracting & eSigning Integrations

  • Site Maintenance Services
    Site Maintenance Services (SiMS)

    You've built your new contracts and eSigning automation. Now, who's going to maintain and support it? Don't waste money on building in-house expertise. Instead, focus your staff on your core business.

    Get On-Call Support as Fast as 1-2-3

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