Why We Exist

ValTeo Tech challenges the mundane processes that suck the life out of work by offering business and software technology advisory and development services to accelerate your organization’s successful digital transformation and process automation.

What We Do

Digital Movers

Focused on digitizing and automating your manual, paper-based processes to dramatically increase your competitiveness

Forward Thinkers

Providing not only industry Best Practice recommendations, but also innovative solutions to reduce redundancy and significantly increase  business process efficiency

Problem Solvers

Keenly aware of solving your business problems, rather than recommending yet another product or tool to learn and manage

Customer Supporters

Every interaction, recommendation and process aimed at ensuring your and your customers’ successful adoption of the provided solution

How We Do It

At ValTeo Tech, we focus on augmenting Digital Transaction Management platforms such as Conga, DocuSign, and eOriginal to work seamlessly with your existing backend data, documents, content and contract management applications.

…But we’re not your typical software consulting firm or system integrator. We focus on solving your whole business problem by not only developing an easy to use technology solution, but also on working through the transition of your whole organization through the change management process. In short, we stick around past the deployment and help you realize the full promised business value of the solution.

Contact Us

ValTeo Tech

30025 Alicia Pkwy, #124

Laguna Niguel, CA 92677