Causes We Support

We value the immense work done by the nonprofits, nonpartisan, political reform organizations we support. Below are some of those organizations that we support through our paid engagements or volunteerism.

We’re proud to to be a part of bringing about the much needed political reform and social change that our country needs. These organizations are doing the important work that’s necessary to create a more perfect union that the citizens of our country, the United States of America, deserve and need.

The National Association of Nonpartisan Reformers (NANR) is a member-led Association dedicated to structural election reforms in the public interest. They favor a robust competition of numerous political parties and independents, and a level playing field on which that can occur.

What unites them is being pro-voter, not anti-party.

From ranked choice voting in Maine and Alaska to open primaries in Colorado and California, member organizations have led impactful campaigns.

Arash Sayadi is a member of the association and the founding Co-Author of the NANR Tech Guide, provided to membership for the first time starting in 2024.

Cal RCV is composed of a diverse, nonpartisan group of reformers who believe upgrading our elections with Ranked Choice Voting is one of the most effective things We The People can do to address many of the seemingly intractable problems we face.

As the biggest and most diverse state in the U.S. and an economic powerhouse, California is teeming with opportunity and potential. It is also faced with some incredible challenges, from drought and wildfires to recurring budget shortfalls, from people living in poverty to an affordability crisis that impacts nearly everyone.

To solve these challenges, we need a more effective and more representative government at the local, state, and federal levels. Adopting Ranked Choice Voting across California will help make that happen.

Arash Sayadi, ValTeo’s Founder, has lead in various roles at Cal RCV, helping better organize and improve the efficacy of the organization, from leading the Cal RCV Tech team, to heading up Operations, as well as serving on the Executive and Governing Boards of Cal RCV.

Braver Angels is leading the nation’s largest cross-partisan, volunteer-led movement to bridge the partisan divide. Through community gatherings, real debates, and grassroots leaders working together, we’re creating hope — and showing Americans a braver way.

Today, Americans on opposite sides of the political spectrum don’t only disagree on issues — they increasingly dislike one another. This growing partisan animosity is the crisis of our time and threatens our nation. Braver Angels exists to address this challenge.

They are doing fantastic work teaching folks across our nation how to have better conversations, respecting each others opinion and the fact that each person deserves to express their opinion without any personal threats. This is the start of how we cand mend our nation and come together, even and especially because we have different perspectives, with an appreciation of what solutions each of us can put forth to address the various social and political challenges of our times.

Arash Sayadi participated as a member of a select team of technologists nationally who provided guidance and tested technology solutions for Braver Angels membership and subscriber tracking, which was eventually adopted by various local alliances nationwide. He currently serves as the technology lead for Braver Angels, Southern California.

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