Free Consulting Services During COVID-19

I admit.  We’ve been selfish.  

Our team of contractors have been distributed since ValTeo started in 2017.  They live in California and Illinois. So, we didn’t have much to plan insofar as distancing our team members. We keep in touch using different online tools or via web conferencing and calls.

So, we were just thinking of ourselves!  

This was probably not our best moment. 

We’re changing that today.  Last Friday, I announced on LinkedIn our offering: free consulting services for automating document creation and agreement signing.  

There are actually two offers here.  First, for any organization, no matter what services or products you offer, we’ll review your current steps for sending out agreements, figure out how we can automate the manual steps, and provide a plan.  Think of the plan as a checklist, as well as detailed steps, online resources and tools to use to develop and launch the document and eSignature automation. In other words, we’ll tell you what you need to do, draw the map and take the guesswork out of how to do it. 

Second, if your products and services are directly helping fight COVID-19, meaning you’re in healthcare or your products and services are targeted at healthcare organizations, in addition to the above, we’ll train you on the use of specific eSignature and document generation tools we’d recommend, as well as provide hands-on web conferencing to get you started with using all of them. 

Here’s where you can sign up for the next available time to get this process started.

If you have suggestions for other services we can provide, please fill out our contact form.

About the Author

Arash Sayadi is the Founder and Managing Director of ValTeo, LLC. He has extensive experience with developing company digital strategy, program and project management, as well as process automation solution for clients in Nonprofit Political Reform, Financial Services, Banking, Legal and Real Estate industries, among others. You can read more about him here.

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