ValTeo Tech Integrates with DocuSign to Help Mid-Market & Enterprise Companies Go Digital

Integration with DocuSign will enable cross platform transaction management, reporting and intelligence for customers to greatly accelerate value-realization and integrated platforms subscriptions

SAN FRANCISCO, CA– May 3, 2017 – ValTeo Tech announced today it has integrated with DocuSign to help mid-market and enterprise customers transform their business by going fully digital. As the global standard for Digital Transaction Management (DTM) and eSignature, DocuSign is changing how business gets done by empowering anyone to transact anytime, anywhere, on any device digitally with trust and confidence. ValTeo Tech’s multi-platform integration and development services for DocuSign enable organizations to accelerate their digital transformations.

“We’re proud to partner with DocuSign given their secure, cloud-based platform is trusted by companies and consumers around the world,” says Arash Sayadi, Founder and Managing Director at ValTeo Tech, “With our integrated solutions, our customers will be able to track the full lifecycle of a business transaction across their existing system of record, DocuSign and other third-party applications. With the DocuSign platform working in conjunction with our cross platform recording, management and cost metering of digital transactions, the integration helps our customers determine how to continuously tweak their systems and increase adoption to dramatically increase the total value realized for their existing platform investments.”

“We are thrilled to welcome ValTeo Tech to the DocuSign Global Trust Network of more than 250,000 companies and more than 100 million users across 188 countries,” said Mark Register, SVP of Business Development and Channels at DocuSign. “ValTeo Tech is helping bring the power of DocuSign’s DTM platform and eSignature service to more companies around the world so they can achieve all of the benefits of the fully digital business.”

By leveraging ValTeo Tech’s integration services and solutions with DocuSign’s industry leading DTM platform and eSignature solution, our customers can:

  • Realize revenue faster – Agreements get completed and signed error free in minutes, dramatically accelerating cycle time to generate results – and revenue – sooner.
  • Automate back-end document processing – DocuSign automatically pulls and updates information in existing business systems to eliminate manual rekeying of data and associated errors.
  • Reduce operating costs – Reduce employee time spent preparing, sending, tracking, reconciling and handling agreements, and eliminate costs associated with paper, printing, faxing, scanning and overnighting documents.
  • Increase customer satisfaction – DocuSign offers customers the convenience of signing agreements anytime, anywhere, on any device – including offline signing when Internet access isn’t available.

With DocuSign, organizations achieve faster speed to results, lower cost, increased security and compliance, and better customer experiences. On average, 84% of transactions are completed via DocuSign in less than one day; 62% in less than one hour; and 51% in 15 minutes or less – dramatically faster than the days or weeks typically required with paper. On average, DocuSign delivers $36.44 in value per document to customers – including hard dollar savings, productivity improvements and revenue gains – over paper methods.

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