Digital Transformation is dead!

That’s right! Digital Transformation is dead! I don’t mean “dead” meaning it’s going away and there’s something replacing it.

I mean that it has as much life as talking about a digit or a binary. It’s devoid of any human emotion. It doesn’t truly convey what I mean when I speak with people about why I exist…why ValTeo Tech exists…why we do what we do everyday with joy…why I can’t wait to have another conversation with another friend, one of my customers.

When I look back at my life changing experiences, it’s been about the effect that each occurance had in helping me see beyond myself, beyond the world I’d become accustomed to, beyond what I’d surrounded myself with.

It’s about how I was transformed, even if that transformation at first seemed painful; even if the change was not what I wanted. The words of Dalai Lama come to mind, “Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.”

I would add that you have to remember that often, you must dive into the path that leads you to hell, in order to go past it. Often, it’s best to own and push through the mental, emotional and physical pain to get to the other side and find yourself, your company and everyone whom you followed, everyone who followed you, become a transformed and better person.

This is true about all meaningful growths we experience as humans. It’s true of our growth from child to adolescent to adult. It’s true for our transitions from students to business people, and it’s certainly true about the profound transformation from individuals to couples to parents.

Why is this important?

Why should you care?

It’s this transformation, the ever push to find fulfillment, understanding, and a new perspective that gives our lives purpose and meaning.

It’s this transformation that convinced us to focus ValTeo Tech on helping others eliminate the mundane in their daily lives. It’s seeing how our customers take advantage of the new found freedom to spend more time on what’s important to them. Whether that’s helping their customers have better financial footing, or having more time to spend with their families, or some other plans that helps them find fulfillment.

So, when we speak about “Digital Transformation”, what we really aim for is the PERSONAL transformation. It’s the ability for us individually and as a company to bring about such profound and meaningful change for people that they are able to pass through the pain of transformation with guidance from those who’ve been there before…who understand the pain and how to minimize it, but also know and can remind of the rewards that awaits on the other side!

This is why I think the term Digital Transformation, although a term that we’ve adopted, never does justice to what we really aim to do for each person we meet.

In the end, we realize we don’t exist to change technology or a company.

We, the people behind ValTeo Tech, my family and theirs, are here to better our society. We’re here to guide our customers through the journey to rise above and eliminate the mundane and find that personal fulfillment we all yearn for, need, and deserve!

Welcome to the new Digital Transformation!

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