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Digital Transformation is dead!

April 2, 2018
That’s right! Digital Transformation is dead!  I don’t mean “dead” meaning it’s going away and there’s something replacing it. I mean that it has as much…

How to Exploit eSignature Calculated Fields

March 6, 2018
DocuSign & Adobe Sign’s Calculated Fields are Good for Much More than Just Calculations

Why a Center of Excellence is Key for a Successful Digital Transformation

November 7, 2017
In a recent ValTeo blog, the DTM Maturity Model outlined the stages an organization traverses as it rethinks many of its customer interactions and internal transactions that revolve around paper-based processes. In this post, we invited Scott Os of Synaptix to explore and explain what is a Center of Excellence, the basic needs it serves to help move you along the maturity model, and why it’s a key success factor for your Digital Transformation.
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