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Center of Excellence Made Easy

July 5, 2018
Let’s say you’ve read about the importance of a Center of Excellence. On the road to your Digital Transformation, you’re now wondering, “what do I do now?”  There are many things to consider, the various roles, responsibilities, and use cases that need to be defined, software and personnel costs that need to be reined in and stakeholders that need to be informed.   But where do you even begin?

Supercharge Your DocuSign PowerForms

June 7, 2018
Here’s a problem our customers face often.  They buy DocuSign and know they can use it to streamline their document-based processes, like a self-storage occupancy agreement.  But, they’re not getting much use of it since it means teaching their staff to learn a whole new tool, with its own interface, lingo, and process quirks, namely DocuSign.

Digital Transformation is dead!

April 2, 2018
That’s right! Digital Transformation is dead!  I don’t mean “dead” meaning it’s going away and there’s something replacing it. I mean that it has as much…
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