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How is Digital Transaction Management Different from Paperless Initiatives?

June 6, 2017
I recently received a very simple and good question from a customer, “What’s the difference between the Paperless Office and Digital Transaction Management? Aren’t they both about using digital for paper-based document or processes?” In fact, there’s a distinct and important set of differences, though it could be somewhat subtle. Let’s start with some definitions…. View Article

What is Digital Transformation

May 1, 2017
What is Digital Transformation? In this post, we’ll start by defining it and providing an example from our experience. Future posts will further explore this topic by providing guidance on how companies develop their transformative roadmap, what is Digital Transaction Management (DTM) and how to implement one, as well as the importance of a Business Adoption Acceleration Plan to ensure a smooth transition for your organization as it continues its journey.
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