DocuSign Free Training Launched

Training for Those Working From Home

For anyone who’s lost their job or whose small business has been adversely affected by COVID-19, you can now register for our free training on DocuSign User, Template and Admin sessions.

These are part of a larger set of training sessions meant to prepare folks who’ve lost their job, or small companies and startups for the new economy using technologies that are booming during the recession. We will be adding JotForm and HubSpot training to round out a set of technologies that can help companies go fully digital with their sales contracting steps.

There will be 3 live training sessions per week limited to 20 students to ensure we’re able to answer all questions.

Starting the week of May 18, we will offer weekly DocuSign User, Template and Administrator training session as separate 40-minute sessions.

Here’s the general agenda for the sessions:

  • Understanding Terminology
  • How-to Use DocuSign for the Topic Selected
  • Examples of Typical Use Cases
  • Q&A
  • Instructions on How to Get a Free Developer Account
  • Set of Exercises To Practice
  • Contact Information for Follow Up Questions

Register for the next available session here!

About the Author

Arash Sayadi is the Founder and Managing Director of ValTeo, LLC. He has extensive experience with developing company digital strategy and process automation solution for clients in Financial Services, Banking, Legal and Real Estate industries, among others. You can read more about him here.

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