Integrity and Love, Our Social Currency

  • Integrity and Peace of Mind is the Value We Deliver, not Money
    Integrity and Peace of Mind is the Value We Deliver, not Money

    Profits are the engine that help our business stay alive. Profits, therefore, are NOT our goal, but the means by which we can achieve our goal: asssisting nonprofit, nonpartisan (or all-parties-inclusive) political reform organizations that improve our politics to better serve the citizens.

  • Love for Our Coworkers
    Love for Our Coworkers

    We hire consultants the same way we start any long-lasting relationship: we invest the time and resources to ensure our team and the prospective new team members can greatly amplify what we accomplish together. And to promote exceptional work that benefits everyone, we share our profits with our coworkers.

  • Love for Our Customers
    Love for Our Customers

    Our customers are our heroes. We are their catalyst to achieve exceptional results in the form of policy changes in our politics. That means they should get enormous value through what we promised…and then we go beyond and give more. We solve our customers’ problems, using all resources we need to bring to bear, from inside the company or out. We always do the right thing, keeping in balance the interests of our customers, coworkers and company.

  • Love for the Environment
    Love for the Environment

    The environment deserves the same love we give our coworkers and heroes. We reduce our overall footprint on the environment and live in harmony with it. We reduce travel where possible by using technologies to interact with our customers and coworkers. We offset our and our fellow man's carbon footprint through use of solar for electricity, reducing waste, reusing what’s possible, and recycling whatever’s left over.

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